Today my guest on Hometown to Hollywood is Steven Tylor O’Connor.

Steven is an LA-based associate casting director and independent film producer. He’s worked in casting for over nine years both at the network level (NBC-NY) and production casting (Guthrie/Goddard-Smythe and Aufiero/Horn Casting). He’s worked on projects such as Parenthood, Community, Hannibal for NBC, Disney’s Liv and Maddie, KC Undercover, and Andie Mack.

Steven is also a principal producer of Chemically Altered Productions and has produced multiple award-winning short films, digital series, and feature length independent films. He has also published a book on finances for teens and young adults. Steven is a member of the Casting Society of America.

This is a MUST-LISTEN podcast for anyone who wants to be an actor– Steven shares so much incredibly useful inside information that I had to split this podcast into TWO PARTS!! Be sure to catch both of them– you’ll be glad you did.

Among many other things, Steven shares exactly how casting works for both pilots and episodics; what he looks for when an actor walks into the room; what actors do that they should not, and what he wishes they would do more often; special advice for self-tapes, parents of young actors and much, much more. His broad experience in the industry will make a truly valuable contribution to anyone who listens in.

Among my favorite quotes from this week’s Part 1:

“You have to bet on yourself.”
“I don’t want you to BECOME agent X; I want you to BE Agent X.”
“It’s all about booking the room and not the job.”
The only things you can control are being on time, being prepared, and being professional.”
“Make choices!!”
“If you come in and you don’t make a choice, I am not going to pull that choice out of you.”
“Make the room yours– we want you to have the best audition possible.”
“If you keep getting called into a (casting) office, you’re doing something well, so know it’s just a matter of time.”


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