Today my guest on Hometown to Hollywood is Shelby Wulfert. Shelby’s credits include the series Betch, and she is best known for playing Maddie 2 for all four seasons of Liv and Maddie. Shelby stars in the upcoming movie Swiped, about a dating app with unintended consequences!

We talk about how she was cast on Liv and Maddie, what it was like to land in Hollywood at 18, and tips for learning how to memorize lines more easily, among many things!

Here are some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “What if you learned Meisner your entire life– and Stanislavski is what works for you?”
    “You’re in competition with yourself. Ask, ‘What’s the best I can be?'”
    “Life is a mirror.”
    “When people have negative opinions of you– that’s a reflection of them.”
    “Whatever it is that helps you find your center… is key to success.”
    “I like to go on IMDb, and see who I admire, and see how long it took them (to make it).”
    “You have to give yourself time.”
    “Work on your craft every day. Read a play. Read a script. Watch a movie you haven’t seen.”
    “The universe is unfolding exactly as it should, no more and no less.”
    “Learn about every aspect of the industry, because it can only help you.”

Follow Shelby here:

Twitter: @ShelbyWulfert

Instagram: @ShelbyWulfert

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