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Patrick Day, Young Actors Space

My guest on this episode of the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Patrick Day.

Patrick is a veteran acting coach, and director of Young Actors Space, an acclaimed acting school in Los Angeles. Young Actors Space offers classes aimed at students from age 5 on up. They also offer workshops, on camera audition technique, dialect classes, and individual coaching.

Young Actors Space was founded in 1979, and has launched a huge number of successful young actors, including Leo DiCaprio, Emma Stone, Jessica Biel, Miranda Cosgrove, Hillary Duff, Tobey Maguire, Lucy Hale, Shailene Woodley, Sabrina Carpenter and Karan Brar.

Young ACtors Space director Patrick Day


Patrick and I cover a wide range of topics, including what he thinks accounts for the extraordinary high success rate of their students, their approach to acting, the school’s motto, advice to auditions and self-tapes, their summer intensives, advice for parents of young actors, and much more.

Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “The goal is to make the Improv look like the written word, and make the written word to seem as if it’s improvisation.”
  • “Analyze, personalize, memorize. Relax, listen, and react.”
  • “Most actors tend to rush. If you can take your time, you’ll put yourself ahead of the competition.”
  • “The casting director is not an enemy. They have chosen to meet you.”
  • “Everybody can learn from everybody.”
  • “Read. Read out loud. Get used to reading out loud.”
  • “Find a kindred spirit, and start creating content.”
  • “That next person that says ‘yes’ can change your whole career.”
  • “Life is an Improv.”


Follow Patrick Day and Young Actors Space HERE:

Website:         https://youngactorsspace.com/

Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/youngactorsspace

Twitter:          https://twitter.com/YoungActorsSpc

Instagram:     https://www.instagram.com/young_actors_space/

YouTube:       https://www.youtube.com/user/youngactorsspace


The word “support” came up numerous times during our conversation, and this is because SUPPORT is the greatest contributing factor to a young actor’s success. However, it’s hard to really support your kid in their dream of becoming an actor when you don’t exactly know how to do that! This is where I can help. Book a consultation with me over phone, Skype, or in Los Angeles. A single session can give you peace of mind and a detailed action plan. I look forward to talking with you!


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