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How fun would it be to sit down for an hour with the associate musical director on American Idol for 16 seasons? You’re about to find out because my guest on this episode of the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is the absolutely delightful Michael Orland. Michael is a pianist, arranger, vocal coach, and musical director, and yes—is best known for his work for 16 seasons on American Idol.

We talk about passion, music, fame, vocal coaching, American Idol, what’s truly important for success in the entertainment industry (it’s not what you think!) and so much more.

Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

• “You have to have a work ethic in this business.”
• “I worked in piano bars from 9pm to 4am, six nights a week.”
• “The biggest thing I do as a coach, and especially on American Idol, is to build confidence in people.”
• “You can have five notes in your range. If you can make me feel something, then you’re perfect.”
• “When you do the work it pays off.”
• “You have to find out who you are.”
• “The challenging thing is to help people find their own voice.”
• “You have to be a team player. Everyone has to get along with you.”
• “The most beautiful thing to see is a performer who’s not selfish, and just acknowledges everybody.”
• “Know what you can control, and the rest is out of your hands.”
• “There are so many ways to get in the door now… you can do anything and be anything and go viral.”
• “It makes my heart warm and gives me goose bumps when I see parents that are supportive of their kids.”
• “Having confidence in that audition room is everything.”

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Michael’s story reminds us that a passionate person with a dream can create an amazing life if they pursue that dream with faith and drive.

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Remember: the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.