Today my guest on Hometown to Hollywood is triple threat stage actor Max Chucker. Max is one of those rare actors who is making a living on stage in Los Angeles! He is currently performing in West Side Story at La Mirada Performing Arts Center, and starred as Arab in the national tour of that same musical.



Max brings the perspective of someone who has university training as a triple threat to our conversation, and the interview is filled with valuable information for anyone who is considering pursuing a living in live theatre.

Some of my favorite quotes:

“To book something of that caliber, you have to be training every single day.”
“ and both have audition tabs you can click on and see what auditions are happening throughout NYC.”
“The college experience helps you build the technique.”
“I think it’s very important in an audition to really know who you are as a performer, and find the characters that are right for you.”
“So many shows are utilizing instruments, Improv, a capella work… it’s good to have a wide range of skill sets.”
“It’s so hard not to compare yourself to these people that are doing what you want to be doing… use that for the fuel to push yourself to do your best work.”
“Find your type and go out for things you are actually right for.”
“Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center are really great places to train.”
“It’s important to know which directors and choreographers are working in NYC right now.”
“There really are only 5-10 casting offices that cast everything on Broadway… it’s much smaller and more concentrated (than LA).”
“You have to be bold, and be strong, and you have to really stay focused on what you want.”
“Technique, technique, technique!”
“If it’s something you’re willing to fight for… keep pushing and keep working.”


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