My guest on Hometown to Hollywood this week is actor Luke Benward.



Luke Benward has done MANY film and TV projects, but he is best known for his roles in How to Eat Fried Worms, Because of Winn Dixie, Minutemen, Cloud Nine, Girl Vs. Monster, Good Luck Charlie, and Ravenswood.

Luke also stars in the upcoming Melissa McCarthy comedy, Life of the Party, which hits theatres spring of 2018.

Luke shares what it was like to be an actor starting at the age of 5, how he managed to balance school and acting, what he feels is important for success, audition advice, how he stays positive, and much more.

One of my favorite quotes:
“If I’m true to myself, I feel like I’m being true to the art I’m supposed to be putting out there.”

Join us for some thoughtful, inspired conversation!


You can find Luke Benward on social media here:

Twitter: @lukebenward

Instagram: @labenward

Snapchat: @labenward


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