This week’s guests on Hometown to Hollywood are Stuart Alexander and Krisha Bullock, the founders of Scenebot, a new free, safe platform that promises to revolutionize the access that young actors have to top-notch agents, mangers, and casting directors.

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Krisha is an award-winning Hollywood casting director, with credits that include iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, True Jackson VP, Zoey 101, DeGrassi: The Next Generation, Henry Danger, and much more. Stuart is a former child actor, as well as a director, writer, and producer.

In addition to covering Scenebot, our conversation ranges from audition advice to set etiquette for parents of actors, how to find affordable training, and much more.


A few of my favorite quotes from this podcast:

  • “The best actors listen.” – Krisha Bullock
  • “Make great choices, feel confident, and then walk out.” – Krisha Bullock
  • “Perform your audition like it’s a show.” – Stuart Alexander


Find Scenebot here:


Twitter: @scenebot

Instagram: @scenebot

Facebook: @getscenebot

Find Krisha Bullock here:


Twitter: @BullockAndSnow

Instagram: @bullockandsnowcasting

Facebook: @BullockAndSnowCasting


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