Joey Bragg is best known for his work on Liv and Maddie, where he plays Joey Rooney, as well as The Outfield, Mark and Russell’s Wild Ride, Fred 3: Camp Fred, and he recently guest starred on Criminal Minds. He also co-hosts his own podcast with fellow actor Kurt Long, Dudes of Future/Past, which is seriously smart and funny and which I recommend. Look for him in the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later on Netflix in 2017.



Here is Part 2 of my conversation with the hilarious and extremely handsome Joey Bragg.

Joey’s a true outlier. He entered the world of acting through standup comedy, performing at legit comedy clubs starting at the age of 13. His agent and manager both approached him with an offer to sign after seeing one of his shows. I love Joey’s story because it shows so vividly that there are many ways into this industry.

We talked so much and our conversation was so wide-ranging that I decided to just go with it and make my first double episode. So this is part 2 of 2. Enjoy!

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Dudes of Future/Past podcast


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