My guest on this episode of Hometown to Hollywood is Hannah Kyle Crichton. Hannah is a talent producer for Jimmy Kimmel Live, a festival programming and development consultant at Just for Laughs, and a documentary producer at Bite to the Future and A Russian Summer.

We discuss how she got into producing from her beginnings as a kid in love with musical theatre, how she finds talent for Jimmy Kimmel, what her work actually looks like, advice for young comedy performers, advice for would-be producers, and much more.

Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “If you’re going to be independent as an actor at 22, college probably helps.”
  • “I truly believe anyone can be a good producer if they’re organized, diligent, hardworking, & multitasking.”
  • “Hopefully all of you listeners will get to a place where I’m trying to get you on my shows.”
  • “Don’t send me anything until you know you’re ready.”
  • “If you’ve only been doing comedy for a year, I’m not going to book you on Jimmy Kimmel Live.”
  • “Things will be more fulfilling if you have a life that goes along with your career.”
  • “Be nice to everyone. And especially to the assistants, because they will eventually be big.”
  • “Comedy has all types of people that are succeeding.”
  • “You’re probably going to be really bad at first, so don’t be discouraged.” Click To Tweet
  • “If you have an iPhone, and you want to make something, just start making it and put it online!”


Look for the results of Hannah’s efforts on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and in the upcoming documentaries Bite to the Future and A Russian Summer.

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Instagram: @hannahkcrichton

Twitter: @hannahhhkyle


Hannah was a kid who fell in love with musical theatre, studied the art in college, went to LA after graduation and eventually found a better fit in the industry producing rather than acting.

Everybody’s path is unique. The point, I think, is to feel happy and fulfilled no matter where your path takes you. And that has a lot to do with keeping a sense of perspective on your adventure.

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