Today my guest on the Hometown to Hollywood Podcast is actor Garrett Clayton. Garrett has many film and TV credits, but he is best known for his roles in Hairspray Live, Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach Movie 2, King Cobra, Don’t Hang Up, and The Fosters. He currently stars in God Looked Away with Al Pacino at the Pasadena Playhouse.



Garrett’s success has been a true example of consistent, hard work and commitment creating what looks like serendipity. His conversation is filled with wisdom and inspiration for anyone interested in becoming an actor, or pursuing any kind of dream, really.

A few of my many favorite quotes:

  • “Start out by watching all the best feature films from the Oscars.”
  • “Any chance there was for an audition, a casting call– I didn’t care, I took it.”
  • “If you don’t take the chance, you’re never going to find out.”
  • “You need a 6-month plan, a 1-year plan, a 5-year plan, and a 10-year plan.”
  • “You can’t go to book the job; you have to go to show the work.”
  • “I have 3 acting coaches and 3 vocal coaches, because I think you can learn so many different things from different people.”
  • “You need a job, a car, somewhere to live, and acting classes.”
  • “You’ve got to really love it, and you’ve got to be really patient.”
  • “In any career path, there’s never going to be an easy way to get what you want.”
  • On working the 5pm-5am shift as a waiter: “I was studying my lines while I was washing dishes, or folding napkins and rolling silverware. I had a few regulars who would help me run lines while I was on breaks.”
  • “Stay kind: don’t get jaded.”
  • “You just have to START. All this profession is, is trying.”

Fun fact: Garrett originally read for Ross Lynch’s role in teen Beach Movie and was brought back in for Tanner, which is the role he booked.

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Facebook: @GarrettClaytonLove

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