Today my guest on the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is renowned acting teacher Eric Morris.

His books, No Acting Please, Being & Doing, Irreverent Acting, Acting from the Ultimate Consciousness, and Acting, Imaging & The Unconscious are used in colleges, universities, and private schools all over the world. His latest book, A Second Chance at Life, explores how some of the techniques he developed for actors can free ALL people from obstacles and emotional blocks so that they can experience and express their emotions freely. Eric Morris lives in Los Angeles, where he has been teaching for 60 years.

We discuss his specific acting techniques and the system he created, what he does in his classes, changes he has seen in Hollywood over the years, audition advice, and his new book, which offers groundbreaking techniques for all people who wish to live more with more freedom and happiness.

Eric Morris, legendary acting coach

Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “I deal with liberating the actor’s instrument.”
  • “My exercises liberate the actor to be able to eliminate all the things that get in the way of being impulsively expressive.”
  • “People say they want to be an actor because they want to be a lot of different people. That’s ridiculous! You can only be you.”
  • “What is the author’s statement? And is your character the character that carries the author’s statement?”
  • “The ‘HOW’ drove me to create everything I’ve created.”
  • “Most people in the world are really blocked.”
  • “I’ve created a system of going back, and changing the ingredients and the outcome of experience repetitiously, and reprogramming the unconscious. And it works.”
  • “I had an epiphany at 81… I started to invite the reality of my life into my self-image. It liberated me to believe that I am who I am, and I can do what I do.”
  • “I want to reach people and let them know they’re not trapped.”
  • “The most important thing is to know what to do, how to do it; and to KNOW you know what to do and how to do it.”
  • There’s nothing worse than turning in an audition tape that’s substandard. Because it colors the person’s response immediately.”





Links to Eric Morris’ books HERE:


No Acting, Please

Irreverent Acting

Being & Doing

Freeing the Actor

Acting, Imaging and the Unconscious

Acting from the Ultimate Consciousness

The Diary of a Professional Experiencer

My Hollywood Stories

A Second Chance at Life


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