My guest on this Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Dr. Dovi Prero, of Prero Orthodontics in Los Angeles. Dr. Prero is an unusual guest for this podcast, but a special one of interest to many families of actors, and even adult actors, contemplating braces or other orthodontic treatments. He is a member of the California Association of Orthodontists.



Orthodontics can be necessary for performers at any age, not just kids! And the many questions that surround how to manage treatment while auditioning and filming can cause a lot of confusion and anxiety.

There can be different concerns depending on where an actor is in their career, as well as their age and the nature of the treatment they need. Dr. Prero works with many actors in the industry, and is familiar with both their concerns, and the different options available to help them get the smile they want while still being able to work during treatment.

In fact, an orthodontist can and probably should be considered part of an actor’s “team.”

We cover a LOT of ground, including the classic situation of a young actor who is just starting in the industry who definitely needs braces, but they’re worried about all the obvious issues- headshots, getting auditions, getting cast.

And even though what an actor LOOKS like while getting orthodontic treatment (i.e. while wearing braces of some kind) is usually the primary concern, what an actor SOUNDS like can be just as important! Some treatment choices can make enunciation challenging, whole others can make that a non-issue.

There have been a lot of incredible technological breakthroughs in the last 10 years since my kids were wearing braces (and yes, both Claire and Dove needed them!) and Dr. Prero goes over some that are genuinely exciting in their ability to create the desired smile with a lot more comfort and convenience.

We also put some myths to rest– for example the idea that Invisilign is just for adults is no longer true– even teenagers can use that option now. And metal braces with brackets and wires are in no way the only option for people who want to move their teeth.

There are three basic options for people looking to improve their smile while keeping the process as aesthetically pleasing as possible:

Clear braces
Braces behind the teeth

A few great quotes from our interview:

“We have so many tools in our toolbox to use to get that wonderful smile.”
“If clear braces don’t work because you can see them, and if lingual braces on the inside of the teeth don’t work because they feel like you can hear them, then a removable option leads us to Invisilign, and the clear aligners.”
“You want to see an orthodontist at age 7… especially if they’re going to be on screen.”
“If they feel like giving them a more confident smile will help them in their career, then we have all the tools to provide it.”
“Not only how they look is important, but also how they sound.
Re: cost of treatment: “Most orthodontists will be able to come up with something that works for you.”

I hope this podcast interview will help actors and their families know that no matter what their situation, there is an orthodontic option available that can work. No one needs to hide from the camera for the duration of treatment– your orthodontist can be a member of your team and help you find solutions to move teeth while still auditioning, and acting. And since most orthodontists offer payment plans, getting a great smile can be easier to manage financially than you might think.

You can find Dr. Prero here:


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