This episode’s guest on the Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Daryn Simons. Daryn is a Talent Manager, Producer and Casting Director with Cohesive Entertainment Group in Los Angeles. Before moving into management, she worked for Paramount Studios, Sony and Fox. She was voted Talent Manager of the Year in 2015, and is the current President Pro Tem of the Talent Managers Association. Daryn recently produced LOCATING SILVER LAKE with Josh Peck and Finn Wittrock, THE PAY UP with Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor as well as the Disney Pilot NELSON BIXBY TAKES ON THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD .

This is a must-listen for any young actor and their parents, as we cover auditions and casting, how to get a manager and the right way to communicate with one, staying safe, and SO much more!

Some of my favorite quotes:

  • “It has to be the right team. And if it’s not, then you move on to find your people.”
  • “There is no project you should ever work on if you have a bad feeling about it.”
  • “If it’s not right for them, you should never push a child.”
  • “Start with email, then go to text, then call. If you’re still not getting the response you want, find new representation!”
  • “When you’re approaching your team, always lead with something positive.”
  • “Have patience. And know that it’s the journey…”
  • “It’s 99% hard work, but 1% luck.”
  • “Always go with your gut.” Click To Tweet

Look for LOCATING SILVER LAKE  and The Payup in 2018.

You can find Daryn at

Instagram: @cohesiveentertainmentgroup

In less than an hour Daryn and I covered SO many critical issues for young actors and their parents… and in one hour one-on-one with you, I can answer YOUR questions, and set you up with an action plan to save you thousands of dollars and months, possibly years of lost time in your quest for a career as a professional actor.

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