Today my guest on Hometown to Hollywood is Claire Chubbuck. Claire runs the Ivana Chubbuck Youth program, which provides professional-level television, commercial, theater, and film acting classes for youth and teenagers, from beginning to advanced levels, and is located in Los Angeles. Using the world famous Chubbuck Technique, developed by her mother, famed acting coach Ivana Chubbuck, their classes teach the art of acting used professionally, as well as improving self-esteem, communication skills, and confidence for young actors.



The book we refer to in our conversation is The Power of the Actor by Ivana Chubbuck.

Some of my favorite quotes from this conversation:

  • “Have fun. If you’re not having fun, no one’s going to have fun watching you.”
  • “You don’t have to say yes to every audition.”
  • “In the Chubbuck technique, there’s no room for fear.”
  • “Never stop learning.”
  • “Don’t be stopped.”

Find Claire Chubbuck and the Chubbuck Youth Studio HERE:


Twitter: @chubbuckyouth


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