My guest on this week’s Hometown to Hollywood podcast is Chambers Stevens. Chambers is an actor, playwright, author, and award-winning acting coach in Los Angeles. He teaches workshops as well as private coaching in his Hollywood studio. Chambers also travels across the country to bring his teaching to students in many other cities.

This is SUCH a great interview—filled with amazing stories that include cameos by Roy Orbison, Ashley Judd, and Faith Hill, as well as brilliant advice for young actors and anyone looking to make their way creatively in the world. Listen for a little audition advice from the great playwright Lanford Wilson!

A few of my favorite quotes:

“It’s an exciting time to be an actor.”
“You don’t have to be a triple-threat. Don’t worry about what you CAN’T do; worry about what you’re really good at doing.”
“You’ve got to do what’s in your heart.”
“There is no better way to train than doing theatre. Read plays out loud!”


Check out Chambers Stevens’ Hollywood 101 Series books on Amazon:

Magnificent Monologues for Teens

Magnificent Monologues for Kids

Magnificent Monologues for Kids 2

Sensational Scenes for Teens

Sensational Scenes for Kids

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Find Chambers Stevens here:

Facebook:       @Chambers.Stevens

Twitter:         @ChambersStevens

Instagram:     @ChambersStevens

Facebook:       @Hollywood 101

Facebook:       @Chambie Awards


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