This episode’s guest on Hometown to Hollywood is stunt actor, rigger, and coordinator, Brandon Belieu. Brandon has done stunt work for many different projects, but he is best known for his work on The Ridiculous Six and San Andreas Quake.

Brandon’s story is fascinating and inspiring, and anyone interested in the entertainment industry will find useful stuff here. Stunt work is about MUCH more than doubling for actors when the action gets specialized or dangerous. In fact, most stunt work is NOT doubling at all, it happens behind the camera.

One of my biggest surprises in this interview? Brandon says there are more women doing stunt work than men!

If you are athletic, competitive, and love the industry, this might be a great path for you. And if not, you deserve to know more about this important part of the industry because if you go very far in film or TV at all, you will encounter stunt work in one form or another.

Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

  • “We were lit on fire, we were pushed off buildings, we got thrown through windows, thrown down stairs, hit by cars… it was crazy.”
  • “I felt like a superhero.”
  • “It’s about making it safe and spectacular.”
  • “When I was 1st starting out, I played a bad guy most of the time.”
  • On Stunt Women: “They’re tough as nails, and smart and determined, and no one will work as hard as they will. We ask the most of them, and they always deliver.”
  • “It’s rigorous, and intense, and painful, and I’ve loved every single second of it.”
  • “Stunt work isn’t about showing off and being crazy—it’s about safety.”
  • “”Be determined, be ambitious, and have a good attitude, and you will succeed.”
  • “”Listen. Listen far more than you talk. And when you talk, make sure your words are worth it.”
  • “The more knowledge you have, it will tell your heart where it wants to go.”

The Stunt School Brandon attended is The International Stunt School in Seattle.

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Instagram @belieuthebear