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How Can You Find Auditions
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Bonnie’s Recommended Resources

There are some excellent online resources available to help parents of young actors. This list will get you off to the right start with a basic set of trusted sites, people, and products. Check back regularly for additions and updates.

Of course, sometimes there is nothing better than talking with someone who has been there, and who can offer personal advice as well as information. You can always schedule a consultation with me via Skype or in-person in Burbank too!


The ATA, or Association of Talent Agents:

You can find a list of all licensed talent agents currently operating HERE. Don’t even consider working with an agent who is not licensed.

Agents and Managers—choosing the right one!

This link takes you to the SAG-AFTRA union’s excellent, basic info on agents and managers, as well as their advice on finding a good one:

Audition Boards

Maintain an online actors profile by posting a resume, headshot, reel and special skills etc. on these sites; view breakdowns from casting directors and submit to them. No need to subscribe to more than two.

Audition App

Scenebot is a free or nearly free (Pro version is $19.95/year) way to audition for potential agents, managers, and casting directors. It’s great practice for self-tapes, and may get you signed with a rep or cast in a project!

CHSPE Test (California High School Proficiency Exam)
Dates, preparation, registration, general info

Coogan/Blocked Trust Accounts
Again, SAG-AFTRA is a great source of solid information. Includes a list of financial institutions that offer Coogan account services.

IMDb Pro

In a league of its own for solid gold information about anyone in the film and TV industry: actors, agents, managers, directors, producers, writers, and much more. Incredible resource for reality-checks on potential agents, managers, and projects. First month is free. IMDb Pro

Legal 18 Questions

The very useful Emancipation Grid from spells out the differences between a child who is under age but a “legal 18,” vs. one who is emancipated. Click the icon on the top right of the link below.

The BizParentz Foundation is an excellent resource in general.

Karaoke tracks for auditions

Monologue Books

Sheet Music Resources

Voice Teacher (Singing)

Claire Hosterman
Works via Skype or in her Burbank studio by appointment

Vocal Coach (Voiceovers)

Tish Hicks at The V.O. Dojo

Dialect Coach

Eliza Jane Schneider

Work Permits for Minors in the Entertainment Industry

Laws, performer regulations, general info

More Blog Posts…

Mamma Mia and Milestones

This summer I watched my kid perform live over three nights at the Hollywood Bowl, playing Sophie in Mamma Mia. I share this not to brag, but to mark a special moment in our adventure, and to illustrate what is possible. Ten years ago, when she was 11,  she played Mary in a local...

On Seeing the Whole Staircase

Earlier this week I posted one of my favorite Martin Luther King quotes on Instagram: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” MLK knew a lot about starting a journey without a map. And his words are true for any of us approaching a daunting but worthy...

Casting Director Workshops—Legal or Illegal? It Depends…

This week, casting director workshops are in the news. The LA City Attorney served five major casting firms, and twenty-five individuals, with criminal charges in a pay-for-play violation of the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act. Los Angeles is the center of the entertainment...

DO’s and DON’Ts for a Great Headshot

Pilot Season is coming! Is your young actors headshot up to date? Headshots can be expensive, but they are important. A good headshot feels natural, and gives a sense of how an actor REALLY looks. Ideally it captures a sense of their inner spirit. Agents, managers, and casting...

On Being “Good Enough”

Recently the parent of a young singer asked me what I though of their child’s voice. Was it “good”? Like anyone, I have opinions. But I have learned that my opinion in cases like this isn’t really what matters. Even if I were a music producer or label executive, my opinion on...

A Little-Known Door into Film and TV

It’s no secret that casting for major film and television roles happens largely in Los Angeles for projects that actually film everywhere else: Atlanta, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, New Orleans, etc. To be cast in the larger roles an actor needs to be seen by the casting director of...

Melissa de la Cruz, Author

My guest on this week’s podcast is novelist Melissa De La Cruz. Melissa is the #1 New York Times, #1 Publisher’s Weekly and #1 Indie Bound bestselling author of many critically acclaimed and award-winning novels for readers of all ages. Her books have also topped the USA Today, Wall...

Checklist: Is My Young Actor Ready for an Agent?

Just because your kid wants to act professionally, this doesn’t mean they are actually ready to sign with an agent! Theatrical agents represent talent for TV and film. Commercial agents represent talent for print and other commercials. In smaller markets these may be the same agents,...

Acting as a School of Life

I just spent a few days in Vancouver on the set of Descendants 2 watching the final day of dance rehearsals and then the first two days of shooting…

What Do You Do When You Make a Mistake?

I made a great one this week: I had a fabulous, hour-long interview with Ryan McCartan for an upcoming podcast—and after he left, discovered that my excellent recording device had somehow missed recording the whole thing. Aagghh!! I could actually feel the stress travel up my whole...

Guilt and Permission and “Bad Moms”

I did something crazy today. I played hooky and went to a weekday matinee with my friend Lisa to see Bad Moms. (Now you know what a Girl Scout I am—this is my “crazy”-!) As someone who is self-employed and whose kids are actually young adults now, you might think this wouldn’t be a big...

The Normal Life

The biggest source of anxiety for many parents of young actors is that their kid will miss out on “a normal life.” I’m not sure what a normal life really is, but I do understand this worry. When our children are born, we wish certain things for them: happiness, rich experiences,...

How Long Is This Gonna Take?

Probably longer than you‘d like. But it could also happen before you’re ready! No one can know how many auditions will happen before an actor is cast in their first project. And then how many more auditions will pass before their second role! It can be frustratingly slow, unnervingly...

Of Summer Theatre Camp, Courage, and Love

This past weekend my daughter Claire and I attended the performance of one of her young voice students—a Broadway-style show featuring kids age 5-14. It was the kind of production she and her sister Dove had done for many summers when they were growing up, and brought back many...

What to Expect From a Parent-Agent Relationship?

The relationship between a parent and young actor’s agent is important, and can be challenging to navigate. Communication is clearly part of the key to a successful partnership, but exactly what kind of communication and how much are open to debate! Moreover, the agent typically wants...

How Do You Manage Mistakes?

One of the hidden challenges of parenting a young actor is the constant juggling that happens behind the scenes to make everything happen. Young actors are part of families, and families have their own needs. Studios have their needs, and so do all the various people who are part of a...

Post Mother’s Day Musings for Moms of Performers Everywhere

I spent this Mother’s Day helping my older daughter Claire move out of her college dorm and into her first little house. We took a break in the early evening to swing by location for the music video my youngest, Dove, was shooting with her fiancée, Ryan McCartan, for The Girl and the...

Social Media Use and Your Kids– Part 2 of 2

Last week, I covered some major aspects of social media use that affect ALL parents and kids, regardless of the level of fame of their young actor, or where they are in their career. In this week’s post, I dive a bit deeper into the specific social media issues that affect young actors...

Social Media Use and Your Kids– Part 1 of 2

One of the biggest concerns parents have today is their kids’ social media use. Parents of young actors often have even greater concern, as there can be a lot of pressure for even young performers to maintain a social media presence. What’s appropriate? What’s safe? What’s smart? Where...

On Set Advice for Parents of Young Actors

It’s not easy to be the parent of a young working actor. You’re required by law to be on set, within sight and sound of your child… but you are also basically expected to be seen and not heard. This can be challenging for many parents. Unlike other activities your kid might be involved...

Zen and the Art of Stage Parenting

I don’t know about you, but I like to plan things. I’ve got a natural love of calendars and organizational tools. I was an early adopter of the Palm Pilot (does anyone remember what this even was?). Surprises might be fun, but they could also feel nerve-wracking. Being the parent of a...

Help! I Need to Change Agents/Managers!

The first question to ask when you want to change your child’s agent or manager is WHY do you want to make this change? There are probably a hundred different reasons someone might want to change representation, but they tend to fall into a few basic categories: • Not getting enough...

“Do I Have to Spend a Lot of Money For an Agent or Manager?”

Legitimate agents and managers don’t charge upfront fees. If someone who wants you to sign up for a bunch of classes that cost a fortune approaches you or your kid, then they aren’t a proper talent agency or management company—they are some other kind of business. Most of you know by...

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Bonnie’s Recommended Resources

There are some excellent online resources available to help parents of young actors. This list will get you off to the right start with a basic set of trusted sites, people, and products. Check back regularly for additions and updates. Of course, sometimes there is...

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Acting as a School of Life

I just spent a few days in Vancouver on the set of Descendants 2 watching the final day of dance rehearsals and then the first two days of shooting…

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