Today my guests on Hometown to Hollywood are Ariana and Soli Greenblatt. Ariana is a young actress best known for her roles in Stuck in the Middle, A Bad Mom’s Christmas, and Liv and Maddie. She just joined the cast of The One and Only Ivan, which is produced by Angelina Jolie and is a live-action/CG hybrid movie. And Soli Greenblatt is her fabulous mom!

This is a really fun conversation, where both the experience of a very young professional actress (Ariana is 10 now and started in the industry just before her 7th birthday) and her mom are shared. What’s it like to be living a normal life, have a couple of auditions while you’re on vacation in LA and suddenly get a role that turns your life upside down? Listen in and find out!

Some of my favorite quotes:

  • “It happened so quickly that it was wild.”
  • “It’s just another chapter in our book, and it’s an adventure of life.”
  • “If you don’t get it, that doesn’t mean you give up!”
  • “Whenever I was nervous, my mom would have the best pep talks for me.”
  • “That’s how we supported her– just by letting her kind of lead her own path.”
  • “You have to just be yourself. You can’t be the person that other people want you to be.”
  • If it’s not your door to be opened, you can’t force it. Your door will open when it’s time.”


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