Today my guest on Hometown to Hollywood is Anna Grace Barlow. Anna Grace is best known for her work on Summer Forever, The Fosters, and Scream Queens, and has made appearance on numerous other shows including Bones, Castle, Young and Hungry, Faking It, Best Friends Whenever, and I Didn’t Do It. She is fresh off the world premiere of The Prom in Atlanta.



Anna Grace shares her story of how she began acting, and transitioned from a kid growing up in the South who loved musical theatre, to a successful Los Angeles film and TV actor. It’s a great story both for its inspiration, and its many lessons.

A few highlights:

We debate the merits of NY vs. LA for actors
Anna Grace explains some differences between acting for film/TV vs. for stage
She shares the meaning of being “pinned” and some of her adventures with that nerve-wracking term
She also shares her best audition advice: “Unwind.”

And there are several shout-outs to Jordan Fisher. Hey, Jordan! 🙂

Great quotes:

“If you want to be on TV, you have to watch TV.
If you want to be in movies, you have to watch movies.
If you want to do theatre, you have to go see theatre.”

Find and follow Anna Grace Barlow HERE:

Twitter: @therealagbarlow

Instagram: @therealagbarlow

Facebook: annagracebarlow


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