My guest on this Hometown to Hollywood podcast episode is director and producer Andy Fickman.

Andy Fickman and Friends

Andy has directed many film, TV and theatre projects, but he is best known for his work directing She’s the Man, You Again, Race to Witch Mountain, Parental Guidance, The Game Plan, Kevin Can Wait, Liv and Maddie, Reefer Madness, and Heathers the Musical, both off Broadway and in London. He is currently directing No Good Nick for Netflix, and will direct Paramount’s upcoming Playing With Fire starring John Cena in 2019.

This is a must-listen episode for anyone interested in the entertainment industry, whether you want to act, direct, produce, write, etc. Andy shares generously and honestly, and his wisdom is priceless. He’s also just a very funny and delightful human!


We cover a wide range of topics in our conversation. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

• “The art of producing is to produce: to take nothing, and turn it into something.”
• “My love of community theatre is what gave me all of my opportunities.”
• “All of our journeys are different… you just don’t know when it is your time.”
• “Directing, to me, is a 50/50 proposition… I don’t want to be a puppeteer. I want to meet you halfway.”
• “The audition begins the minute you walk in the door.”
• “I am taking time to watch you… I don’t want to hear that ‘the dog ate your homework.’”
• “If you start your audition telling me all the reasons you’re going to fail… why are you even auditioning?”
• “Where one actor can take a piece of advice and just soar, another actor can just crash with that same piece of advice.”
• “If there’s ANYTHING else that you think you can do, or you want to do… go do it.”
• “If an ounce of you is thinking not to do the industry, there is somebody who is full-up wanting to do it, and they’ll beat you.”
• “Learn the history of Hollywood.”
• “If you assume you’ll move to NY or LA and then start, you’re already behind.”


Andy stresses that if you want to be a successful actor, you need to start working toward that goal long before you reach Hollywood, and I agree. There is so much you can do right where you are.

Acting classes, practice auditioning, and learning as much as you can about the industry and how it works are all critical.

My new book, Young Hollywood Actors can be part of that education, as well as a fun way to lean about some of your favorite performers!


Follow Andy HERE:

Instagram: @herrdirektor
Twitter: @andyfickman