Today my guest is Singer/Songwriter Aaron Benward. Aaron is a 2nd generation professional singer/songwriter, host of Nashville Unplugged in Las Vegas at 8pm every Friday night at Mandalay Bay, and is co-creating a documentary called Ghost Town Troubadours to bring attention to the plight of American songwriters.



He is also the father of actor Luke Benward, and married to acting coach and actress Kenda Benward. His songs are soulful and memorable; he gave me a clip of one of my favorites and you can hear it about halfway through the podcast.

Aaron walks us through the songwriting process, what it’s like to collaborate with other artists, how getting a song onto a TV show works, changes in the music industry, and shares excellent advice for young songwriters, and for artists in general. We cover some very fun crossover themes between songwriting and acting. (“Yes/And” anyone?)

Some of my favorite quotes:

“The expression of art is just the most beautiful, sacred thing.”
“Write from your heart—and own the masters!”
On songwriting and art in general: “There are no bad ideas—maybe just wrong timing.”
“If you love the song, BUY IT!”

Find Aaron here:

Twitter: @aaronbenward

Instagram: @aaronbenward

FaceBook: @aaronbenward

Twitter: Ghosttowntroubs

Instagram: Ghost Town Troubadours

Facebook: Ghost Town Troubadours


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